Ben Gaffin Piano Tuning

Services Provided

Tuning: Tuning is the icing on the cake of all piano services. An in-tune piano compared to an out-of-tune piano is the difference between noise and music. Without getting too technical, the harmonic relationships between the different notes must be in balance. If they are not, the piano will not produce the beautiful music it's capable of producing. You can rest assured that when I finish tuning your piano, it will produce the beautiful music it's capable of creating.

Regulation: Regulation is the fine adjustments that make the keys of the piano respond equally to your touch. If the touch of the keys is uneven then intricate and complex musical expression is difficult if not impossible. I am familiar with all these adjustments and procedures.

Repairs: There is nothing more frustrating to a piano player than a key that sticks or a pedal that doesn't work. Strange or weird noises that shouldn't be there can drive players crazy as well. There are a multitude of reasons for these problems, and after 35 years there's hardly a problem that I haven't seen or am unable to fix. You can be confident that if something needs to be repaired, I'll find it, and fix it.

Voicing: This service has to do with the consistency of the hammers (the little white mallets that hit the strings). If they are uneven in hardness then the notes will have markedly different tones on the same piano. This service is more commonly done on performance and recording studio pianos, but a tinny sounding note on your home piano in the midst of other notes that aren't as bright, can drive amateur players crazy too. Inconsistent voicing detracts from the beautiful music a piano is capable of producing. By modifying the hammers I can provide your piano with an even tone.